This page was exported from Updated Real Microsoft MCPD Exam Questions & MCPD Dumps [ ] Export date:Tue Oct 22 10:52:43 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [New-300-210-Dumps]High Quality 300-210 Dump VCE 80Q&As Free Share[1-8] --------------------------------------------------- 2017 Jan New Cisco 300-210 PDF and VCE Dumps 80q 300-210 Exam Questions RELEASED Today! 1.|New 300-210 PDF and 300-210 VCE Dumps 80Q&As Download: 2.|New 300-210 Exam Questions & Answers Download:!AvI7wzKf6QBjgg77t1SIHR2v7Rng   3 Lab Simulations + 4 Hotspot QuestionsQUESTION 1Which type of server is required to communicate with a third-party DLP solution? A.    an !CAP-capable proxy serverB.    a PKI certificate serverC.    an HTTP serverD.    an HTTPS server Answer: A QUESTION 2Which detection method is also known as machine learning on Network-based Cisco Advanced Malware Protection? A.    custom file detectionB.    hashingC.    Spero engineD.    dynamic analysis Answer: B QUESTION 3Which policy is used to capture host information on the Cisco Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System? A.    network discoveryB.    correlationC.    intrusionD.    access control Answer: C QUESTION 4With Cisco FirePOWER Threat Defense software, which interface mode do you configure for an IPS deployment, where traffic passes through the appliance but does not require VLAN rewriting? A.    inline setB.    passiveC.    inline tapD.    routedE.    transparent Answer: D QUESTION 5How does the WSA policy trace tool make a request to the Proxy to emulate a client request? A.    explicitlyB.    transparentlyC.    via WCCPD.    via policy-based routing Answer: C QUESTION 6With Cisco AMP for Endpoints, which option shows a list of all files that have been executed in your environment? A.    vulnerable softwareB.    file analysisC.    detectionsD.    prevalenceE.    threat root cause Answer: B QUESTION 7When the WSA policy trace tool is used to make a request to the proxy, where is the request logged? A.    proxy logsB.    access logsC.    authentication logsD.    The request is not logged Answer: D QUESTION 8When using Cisco FirePOWFR Services for ASA, how is traffic directed form based Cisco ASA to the Cisco POWER Services? A.    SPAN port on a Cisco Catalyst switch.B.    WCCP on the ASA.C.    inline interface pair on the Cisco FirePOWER module.D.    service policy on the ASA. Answer: D   !!!RECOMMEND!!! 1.Braindump2go|New 300-210 PDF and 300-210 VCE Dumps 80Q&As Download:|New 300-210 Study Guide: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-01-19 06:01:03 Post date GMT: 2017-01-19 06:01:03 Post modified date: 2017-01-19 06:01:03 Post modified date GMT: 2017-01-19 06:01:03 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from