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Exam Code: 70-459
Exam Name: Transition Your MCITP: Database Administrator 2008 or MCITP: Database Developer 2008 to MCSE: Data Platform
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCP, MCSA, MCSE

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You have a query that is used by a reporting dashboard.
Users report that the query sometimes takes a long time to run.
You need to recommend a solution to identify what is causing the issue.
What should you recommend? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

A.    Set the blocked process threshold, and then run SQL Server Profiler.
B.    Set the blocked process threshold, and then create an alert.
C.    Enable trace flag1204, and then create an alert.
D.    Create a job that queries the sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks dynamic management view.

Answer: B
Step 1: Turn on the blocked process report.
This will look for any blocking taking 20 seconds or longer.
–Make sure you don’t have any pending changes
FROM sys.configurations
WHERE value <> value_in_use;
exec sp_configure ‘show advanced options’, 1;
exec sp_configure ‘blocked process threshold (s)’, 20; GO
Step 2: Set up a trace tocapture the blocked process report.
Run it as a server side trace. blocked process threshold Server Configuration Option

You administer a SQL Server 2014 instance.
Users report that the SQL Server has seemed slow today.
A large database was being restored for much of the day, which could be causing issues.
You want to write a query of the system views that will report the following:
– Number of users that have aconnection to the server
– Whether a user’s connection is active
– Whether any connections are blocked
– What queries are being executed
– Whether the database restore is still executing and, if it is, what percentage of the restore is complete
Which system objects should you use in your query to best achieve this task?

A.    sys.dm_exec_requests, sys.dm_exec_sessions, sys.objects
B.    sys.dm_exec_sessions, sys.dm_exec_query_stats, sys.dm_exec_query_text,sys.objects
C.    sys.sysprocesses, sys.dm_exec_query_text, sys.objects
D.    sys.dm_exec_requests, sys.dm_exec_sessions, sys.dm_exec_query_text

Answer: D
* sys.dm_exec_requests
Returns information about each request that is executing within SQL Server.
* sys.dm_exec_sessions
Returns one row per authenticated session on SQLServer. sys.dm_exec_sessions is a server-scope view that shows information about all active user connections and internal tasks.
This information includes client version, client program name, client login time, login user, current session setting, and more.
* sys.dm_exec_query_text
Returns the text of the SQL batch that is identified by the specified sql_handle.
sys.dm_exec_requests (Transact-SQL)
sys.dm_exec_sessions (Transact-SQL)

You execute the following code:

You create a nonclustered index named IXCustomerName on the CustomerName column.
You execute the following query:

You need to reduce the amount of time it takes to execute the query,
What should you do?

A.    Partition the table and use the CustomerName column for the partition scheme.
B.    Replace IX_CustomerName with a clustered index.
C.    Replace LEFT(CustomerName ,1) = ‘a’ with CustomerName LIKE ‘a%’.
D.    Replace LEFT(CustomerName ,1) = ‘a’ with SUBSTRING(CustomerName ,1,1) – ‘a’.

Answer: C

You use a contained database named ContosoDb within a domain.
You need to create a user who can log on to the ContosoDb database.
You also need to ensure that you can port the database to different database servers within the domain without additional user account configurations.
Which type of user should you create?

A.    User mapped to a certificate
B.    SQL user without login
C.    Domain user
D.    SQL user with login

Answer: C

You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database that has multiple tables in the Sales schema.
Some users must be prevented from deleting records in any of the tables in the Sales schema.
You need to manage users who are prevented from deleting records in the Sales schema.
You need to achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of administrative effort.
What should you do?

A.    Create a custom database role that includes the users.
Deny Delete permissions on the Sales schema for the custom database role.
B.    Include the Sales schema as an owned schema for the db_denydatawriter role.
Add the users to the db_denydatawriter role.
C.    Deny Delete permissions on each table in the Sales schema for each user.
D.    Create a custom database role that includes the users.
Deny Delete permissions on each table in the Sales schema for the custom database role.

Answer: A

You create a stored procedure that retrieves all of the rows from a table named Table1.
You need to recommend a solution to ensure that all of the statements in the stored procedure can be executed if another transaction is modifying rows in Table1 simultaneously.
What should you recommend?

A.    Snapshot isolation
B.    A database snapshot
C.    Filegroups
D.    Indexes

Answer: A
Once snapshot isolation is enabled, updated row versions for each transaction are maintained in tempdb. A unique transaction sequence number identifies each transaction, and these unique numbers are recorded for each row version. The transaction works with the most recent row versions having a sequence number before the sequence number of the transaction. Newer row versions created after the transaction has begun are ignored by the transaction.

You have a SQL Server instance on a server named Server1.
You need to recommend a solution to perform the following tasks every week:
– Rebuild the indexes by using a new fill factor.
– Run a custom T-SQL command.
– Back up the databases.
What should you recommend?
More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

A.    A trigger
B.    An alert
C.    A maintenance plan
D.    Windows PowerShell
E.    A system policy

Answer: C
Maintenance plans create a workflow of the tasks required to make sure that your database is optimized, regularly backed up, and free of inconsistencies.

You are the lead database administrator (DBA) of a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 environment.
All DBAs are members of the DOMAIN\JrDBAs Active Directory group.
You grant DOMAIN\JrDBAs access to the SQL Server.
You need to create a server role named SpecialDBARole that can perform the following functions:
– View all databases.
– View the server state.
– Assign GRANT, DENY, and REVOKE permissions on logins.
You need to add DOMAIN\JrDBAs to the server role.
You also need to provide the least level of privileges necessary.
Which SQL statement or statements should you use? Choose all that apply.

C.    CREATE SERVER ROLE [SpecialDBARole] AUTHORIZATION securityadmin;

Answer: BCF

You create an availability group that has replicas named HA/Server01 and HA/Server02. Currently, HA/Server01 is the primary replica.
You have multiple queries that read data and produce reports from the database.
You need to offload the reporting workload to the secondary replica when HA/Server01 is the primary replica.
What should you do?

A.    Set the Availability Mode property of HA/Server02 to Asynchronous commit.
B.    Set the Readable Secondary property of HA/Server02 to Read-intent only.
C.    Set the Connections in Primary Role property of HA/Server01 to Allow read/write connections.
D.    Set the Availability Mode property of HA/Server01 to Asynchronous commit.

Answer: B

You administer two Microsoft SQL Server 2012 servers.
Each server resides in a different, untrusted domain.
You plan to configure database mirroring.
You need to be able to create database mirroring endpoints on both servers.
What should you do?

A.    Configure the SQL Server service account to use Network Service.
B.    Use a server certificate.
C.    Use a database certificate.
D.    Configure the SQL Server service account to use Local System.

Answer: B

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