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Refer to the exhibit. Your company would like to deploy this topology design. Which statement applies?

A.    The configuration cannot be implemented since all fabric interconnects are members of the same
VLANs, and communication will not work properly for the Backup and Mgmt networks.
B.    The configuration cannot be implemented because only one disjointed layer 2 network is supporteD.
either Backup Net or Mgmt Net, but not both.
C.    The Production Network and Backup Net topologies can be implemented.
D.    The Production Network and Management Net topologies can be implemented.
E.    The topology design can be implemented fully in Cisco UCS version 2.0 or later.

Answer: C

What interface is created when an FC Port Channel is created on a Cisco Unified Computing System?

A.    An interface ‘san-port-channel’ in NXOS
B.    An interface ‘port-channel’ in NXOS
C.    An interface ‘port-channel’ with ‘mode fc’ configured
D.    An interface ‘fc-port-channel’ in NXOS

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. You create a service profile within ORG C with two vNICs. Each vNIC is assigned to the MAC pool named “vmware”. Which two possible MAC addresses could be assigned to the vNICs? (Choose two.)

A.    00:25:B5:FF:00:01
B.    00:25:B5:EE:00:01
C.    00:25:B5:DD:00:01
D.    00:25:B5:BB:00:01
E.    00:25:B5:AA:00:01

Answer: AD

From the Cisco UCS CLI, how do you verify which uplink ports a blade server is using for its network connectivity?

A.    UCS-A# show pinning border-interfaces
B.    UCS-B# show service-profile circuit
C.    UCS-B(nxos)# show pinning server-interfaces
D.    You must statically configure which uplink the blades should use, or you will not have connectivity.

Answer: C

Server load balancing (SLB) is the process of deciding to which server a load-balancing device should send a client request for service. Which predictors are supported on ACE in order to select the best server to fulfill a client request? (Choose three.)

A.    Hash address: Selects the server by using a hash value based on either the source or destination IP
address, or both
B.    Hash URL: Selects the server by using a hash value based on the requested URL
C.    Hash MAC. Selects the server by using a hash value based on either the source or destination MAC
address, or both
D.    Hash header: Selects the server by using a hash value based on the HTTP header name
E.    Hash IP: Selects the server using a hash value based on the IP address

Answer: ABD

Application Control Engine (ACE) can check the health of servers and server farms by configuring health probes (which are sometimes referred to as keepalives). A probe can be one of many types. Which are valid ACE probes? (Choose three.)

A.    HTTP
B.    Java scripting
C.    TCL scripting

Answer: ACD

When testing ICMP access to a functional load-balancing ACE VIP, it fails. What is the reason of this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    The interface is shut down
B.    An access list is denying ICMP
C.    Routing is not configured properly
D.    vip icmp-reply is inactive

Answer: BD

Which GSS “source access list” is used to allow access to GSS by clients when GSS is being used as the DNS?

A.    Client IP
B.    Proxy IP
C.    Client and proxy IP
D.    Neither client nor proxy IP

Answer: A

In the event of a GSS failure in a GSS cluster, which is true?

A.    The current connections are rerouted via the backup GSS
B.    Secondary GSS cannot be used to configure the GSS cluster
C.    All remaining GSSs in the cluster continue responding to any new queries
D.    All records in the GSS database are flushed and reconstructed again using a new master GSS

Answer: C

A Cisco Application Control Engine Appliance (ACE) non-admin context does not support “sticky” configuration. What is the reason for this issue?

A.    ACE sticky license is not installed
B.    ACE stickiness is not supported in a non-admin context
C.    ACE stickiness resources are not defined in an admin context
D.    Stickiness is configured properly in the CCIE virtual context

Answer: C

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