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OTV is configured ?test pings confirm that it is working but other tests do not seem to perform well. What is the problem?

A.    VLANs are not properly extended
B.    The overlay may not be enabled
C.    The transport network is not configured to process the overhead that is introduced by the OTV
D.    The multicast groups are not defined properly

Answer: C

What are three reasons that could cause fabric merge problems in a Cisco SAN (Choose three.)

A.    Small configurations may wipe out the large configurations.
B.    The VSAN database is error-disabled.
C.    The merged fabrics contain inconsistent data that could not be merged.
D.    Both host and storage are logged in to the same SAN.
E.    Failure occurs when a switch supports more than 2000 zones per VSAN but its neighbor does not.

Answer: ACE

Which three statements are true about the showcfs merge status name command? (Choose three.)

A.    In a successful merge, all switches in the fabric are shown separately.
B.    The merge master is selected based on the lowest sWWN in the fabric.
C.    The command shows the complete Cisco Fabric Services region database.
D.    The merge master is selected based on the highest sWWN in the fabric.
E.    The command shows the merge status in all valid VSANs on the switch.
F.    In a successful merge, all switches are shown in a local fabric.

Answer: BEF

Storage VDC creation has failed. Which two steps should be taken before creating the storage VDC? (Choose two.)

A.    Check that you have allocated the interfaces of the F module on the VDC.
B.    Check that the network QoS non-drop policy is configured for FCoE traffic.
C.    Check that the FCoE VLANs are allocated on the VDC.
D.    Check that the F1 module has the FCoE license installed.
E.    Check that the FCoE feature is enabled on the N7K.
F.    Check that the M2 module has the FCoE license installed.

Answer: BD

On a Cisco Nexus 5000 switch that runs in NVP mode, what is the correct command to view logged-in devices?

A.    show npvflogi-table
B.    show npv status
C.    show flogi database
D.    show fcnsflogi-database
E.    show npv device-login

Answer: C

Which command can you use to determine if the member ports share the appropriate parameters in order to join a port channel?

A.    show port-channel usage
B.    show port-channel summary
C.    show port-channel compatibility-parameters
D.    show port-channel load-balance

Answer: C

Which three statements are true about using the debug command to resolve an HSRP issue on the Cisco Nexus platform (Choose three.)

A.    The administrator can log debug messages to a special log file to avoid flooding the console.
B.    Open a second Telnet or SSH session before you enter any debug commands so that if the debug session overwhelms the console, you can stop the message output.
C.    Use the debug command only under the guidance of Cisco Technical Support.
D.    Use the Ethanalizer remote interfacecommand to capture packets.
E.    The debug command should be allowed to run for at least an hour.
F.    The debug-peer-gateway command should be used to isolate the problem.

Answer: ABC

A Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch that is at the core of a customer network has high CPU utilization. What can the customer do to prevent a network outage and identify why CPU utilization is high?

A.    apply a rate limit on the interfaces with high traffic.
B.    use HSRP and vPC for redundancy to handle high CPU utilization.
C.    use the show process cpu command to see the high CPU utilization.
D.    use CoPP.
E.    use jumbo frames.

Answer: D

To ensure that DCBX can be run on a switch, which other feature must be enabled?

A.    LLDP
B.    Fibre Channel
C.    IEEE 802 1
D.    Cisco Discovery Protocol

Answer: A

You are attempting to configure boot from SAN on your server that is attached to a Cisco MDS 9148 Fibre Channel switch. What is a possible issue that may occur?

A.    NPV is not configured on the Fibre Channel switch.
B.    Boot from SAN is not supported via Fibre Channel protocol.
C.    Check the status of the licenses on the Fibre Channel switch.
D.    NPIV is not configured on the Fibre Channel switch.

Answer: D


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